Todd Duane Miller

Parts & Pieces

is a sensual exploration and deconstruction of our human bodies. Turning subtle curves and textures of our bare skin and skeletal structure into abstracted landscapes and leaving the parts or pieces to be determined by the viewer.




"Mannequin" was born out of the testing process of creating a personalized dark room “box” and simple portrait lighting patterns, quickly became a study of individuality, personalities, stereotypes and characteristics.



My continuing Portrait Series entitled “Industry” is based on the people of the cannabis industry. The portraits displayed are using the tin-type process, mugshot style, and presented in a “murder’s row” sort of fashion. Since the cannabis industry is still considered illegal in most states it is a perfect subject matter for the historical medium being used, especially during these uncertain times of our current administration and the topics of states right versus federal legislation and the looming threats against the industry. The mugshot style alumi-types are a great juxtaposition highlighting the normality and everyday persons working in this grey area of national legality. This series of work currently contains 25 portraits and was recently featured in THC Magazine.



Billy The Budtender