701 Gallery
Thursday 7-10:00 pm *Art Night 
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701 Gallery will be finishing out it’s 4th and final year here, we unfortunately cannot continue to provide the space and opportunities for up and coming artists as we have in the past. This is very unfortunate news, and we feel like we have let a lot of people down. But it is not financially or emotionally feasible for us to keep going at this point. Mona and I have sacrificed many things over the past years, took chances, took on second jobs, spent our retirement funds, reached-out for sponsorships, applied for grants, tried to join groups and boards and made major investments that just have not worked out in the Gallery’s favor. Please understand that although you may think there is more that we can do or more things we could try, we have been doing so much behind the scenes that is not seen by the public eye and we just can’t push any harder. The deepest well runs dry sometimes.


We know we have made a great environment and atmosphere here at 701 Gallery and if we could make money off of the enjoyment people express to us every time we host an opening party or event, we would be doing well (maybe), but those expressions have not been supported by art collectors or buyers and haven’t gained any hype or momentum through the very little press that we have received. Galleries cannot survive without art buyers, especially small Galleries that are showing artists that don’t have a “name” yet. While the Galleries here in Denver are packed on First Friday Art Walks, they are just a backdrop to people’s adventures for free wine and beer and the next great food truck. If you believe in the Arts, and believe artists starting out should have a shot to continue their passion and talents, then BUY ART. BUY ART not based on a name or popularity or investment, BUY ART because it could mean the difference for an artist making rent and eating that week or a small Gallery staying open. BUY ART because you appreciate that someone took something from nothing, and put their heart and soul into a piece of art for you to enjoy and love. BUY ART because it speaks to you, reminds you of a memory or loved one, because it provokes thought and emotion and a craft beer or taco can’t do that for you. The excuse that you cannot afford art is completely false, it’s a choice. Especially when a $10-20 print or even a $50 original is easily attainable by skipping the Starbucks or the Bar for a couple weeks. 


We truly appreciate all of the artists that have shown here, and all the hard work they have put in to this place. We gained a lot of support from all of you, and we are forever grateful. We will be finishing out our Art Show line-up in October, and hope that you all will continue to come to the Gallery as these artists have put so much thought and effort into these next shows and they deserve all of your support and gratitude. We hope that the friendships we have made will not end just because the Gallery is ending. We look forward to supporting our artist friends as they continue their artistic careers and endeavours, and hopefully have more time to spend enjoying more quality time together.






Opening Celebration a 701 Gallery for Jeremy Rauh's exhibit Fast Times; an homage to an era that shaped rebellion, style, and novelties. Inspired by pre and post war propaganda, iconic imagery brought by advertisement, elicit actions and the substances that expanded creativity, Jeremy builds off his 2017 solo show “commercial candid” to bring acknowledgment to a time before modern technology through his work of texturing and layered curated imagery. His torn poster style-focused exhibit is exemplary of the wear these images have faced to catalyst the culture of today, using a collage effect to display the correlation of the events and imagery that shaped the 20th century. Light Refreshments and Live DJ. With special release pop-up apparel shop by Melon Lows.




Opening Celebration at 701 Gallery for Chris Loge's exhibit Corpus Silvis; Corpus Silvis (meaning, Body of the Woods) is an art show that integrates aspects of mystery, exploration, and adventure to set the stage for a quest that will take you outside of the gallery, across Colorado, and perhaps... into realms unknown... Featuring all new paintings from Chris Loge, Corpus Silvis takes elements from the esoteric, the occult, horror, and heavy metal for show that encourages your inner treasure-seeker. The invitation is now extended for you to join in the hunt.

40/40 CLUB

701 Gallery has opened up the 40/40 Club as an opportunity for emerging artists to have a small mural project in a highly visible market of the Arts District in Denver. 701 Gallery has a constant rotation of Muralist that are painting the back alley wall on 6th Ave and they give this space to artists with mural experience and the ability to do large more intricate concepts. The 40/40 murals will be on the same wall in a smaller portion of the space (40” x 40”) and the artists involved in the club will be able to take the mural panel home with them, giving them the chance to work at their own pace and without the hindrances of weather. This is a club that allows artists that may not have done large works or mural projects an opportunity to get-up on a wall and get some experience and exposure. These 40/40 works will be rotated more often than the large murals, approximately every 4 weeks and 701 Gallery will take them down during rotation and put the works up for sale here, giving these early artists a chance to make some financial gain from their artwork, while also giving the public a chance to own a part of Denver’s thriving street art scene. Any sales of these mural panels will be the sold at the standard 701 Gallery commissioned rate of 65% to the artist.


Artists interested in joining should contact Todd at 701Gallery and present their proposed concept for the piece as well as a schedule for completion in order to be accepted into the Club.