Miller was commissioned by the Las Vegas Springs Preserve to create this special piece for a collective group show dedicated to Route 66.

This unique piece is a one of a kind photograph, processed and stitched together digitally. Each Panel of this piece is then printed with a toner printer in black and white, then carefully hand painted with acrylic paint. Each painted print is then transferred to the substrate material using acrylic medium and hand-cut to it's specific shape. The various found substrate materials which include a car hood, refrigerator door, fiber glass panels, plywood, copper license plate, signage, hardwood paneling, etc. have all been collected from various parts of Route 66 from Prescott Valley, AZ to Palm Springs, CA. 

This is truly a rare artwork with many stories and history that would be perfect for an appreciator of Americana and the love of the Open Road.

Approx. 60" W x 45" H

Ink Toner, Acrylic Paint, Acrylic Medium on miscellaneous substrates

*Shipping of $120.00 is a down payment. Full shipping costs will be based on shipping address upon purchase. This item is shipped in a custom crate and will need special delivery services.